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ChinUp Mask

Mask | The Non Surgical Face Lift

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ChinUp Mask is a brand new revolutionary contouring mask which aims to firm the skin and reduce the appearance of double chins. It has been designed using an innovative patented formula to help contour the neck area and reduce the appearance of fat in this area. Has been derived from 100% natural ingredients, so no need to break the bank on expensive spa treatments.


The Non Surgical Face Lift

Designed to lift and firm the chin and neck

Reduces the appearance of fat under the chin

Helps reduce sagginess in the neck and chin area

Aims to give a more defined and contoured chin, neck and jawline


Helps reduce the signs of ageing by boosting collagen production

Aids in hydration and moisturisation of the skin

Nominated for the Pure Beauty Awards and Beauty20 Awards

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 Маска ChinUp

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The ChinUp Mask is a safe and reliable way of supporting your journey to the perfect chin. It allows you to help regain your youth in the privacy of your home without having to worry about recovery or side effects!


What is ChinUp Mask?

ChinUp Mask uses innovative and leading beauty technology to help reduce the appearance of your double chin. There has been extensive research and finance that invested into creating this new revolutionary contouring mask, using its own patented Skintronics™ formula to help countour the neck area helping to reduce the appearance of a double chin.

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After extensive research with clinical tests, the ChinUp Mask boasts a considerable number of happy and satisfied customers. Join the thousands of satisfied customers today and get your ChinUp Mask as early as tomorrow.

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Using the ChinUp Mask?


lifting process of your face

The ChinUp Mask aims to work on the skin’s epidermis and on a cellular level. This helps the slimming, defining and lifting process of your face. You can also use the ChinUp Mask to aid maintenance of a good shape.



helps to increase your metabolic

ChinUp Mask is not only for the surface of the skin. It actively boosts the lymphatic system which allows toxic and excess fats to be flushed out of your system. It also helps to increase your metabolic rate which can help encourage weight loss.



 to reducing of sagging

It helps to give you a more defined facial structure by tightening the sagging skin under chin area. By stimulating the connective tissue and providing the skin with powerful anti-ageing properties, you can support your journey to reducing the appearance of sagging. Rewind the hands of the clock with ChinUp Mask!





Vitamin E – A long established antioxidant that inhibits the production of free radicals.

Corum 9235 – Stimulates the skin, creating a warming feeling and ensures the formulation in the masks is efficiently absorbed.

Q10 Coenzyme – Another well known antioxidant, with numerous studies backing how effective it is.

Skintronics – A patented blend that contributes to the release of fat in skin as well as boost the density of collagen and cell tension.

Testimonials and Reviews

The ChinUp Mask is used by thousands of men and women all over the world, and it's easy to see why. As one of the most cost-effective facelift aids on the market, ChinUp mask has grown a massive customer base.



The Science behind it

The ChinUp Mask does not work superficially. It targets the cause of facial fat and sagging skin and helps to break down the fat by stimulating metabolism and the lymphatic system. By stimulating fat breakdown in skin cells and helping to encourage collagen production, the ChinUp Mask works at a cellular level which helps in the long term. It is carefully formulated using a combination of therapeutic natural fruit extracts and 4 core ingredients, Vitamin E, Corum 9235, Q10 Coenzyme and Skintronics™ Serum. Skintronics™ really sets the ChinUp Mask apart from the rest. It helps convert fat into fibrous tissue, encourages fat-burning and helps firm and lift for a more defined face. It also aims to reduce oedema under the cheeks, neck and chin. Q10 Coenzyme is a powerful antioxidant that can reduce the signs of ageing and hydrate the skin, whilst Corum 9235 helps stimulate the absorption of the Skintronics™ serum and encourages slimming. Vitamin E is a known moisturiser and antioxidant that can give the skin elasticity and a smoother texture.



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