Diuretic products from water retention

Those who suffer from fluid retention or edema now have a herbal and natural alternative to tablets, pills and capsules. Because nature also has much to offer. Because many fruit and can help the body with the drainage and thus prevent water retention.

Please see our top 5 ultimate diuretic foods, most of which you likely already have in your kitchen.

Colon cleansersWatermelon

is 92% water. It is therefore the perfect fruit for when you are feeling dehydrated. However, watermelons are also excellent naturaldiuretics, and are effective at reducing the water retention in your body. Watermelons also act as powerful laxatives, and can help to regulate the digestive system.

Colon cleansersAsparagus

contains asparagine, a chemical active ingredient that invigorates the kidneys and makes it easier for them to eliminateaccumulated toxins. Not to mention that asparagus is a rich source of vitamins (B, K) and essential minerals for our body.


is mainly known for countering hypertension. Also appreciated for its low caloric content, it is characterized by a high content of both potassium, сalcium and sodium, giving it powerful diuretic properties. Celery contains phenolic acid, which is an antioxidant. Celery juice reputedly has detoxifying benefits and demand for celery spiked in 2019.


have a wide range of advantages. Primarily, they are very nutritious and come very low in calories, making them a delicious, guilt free snack. Secondly, they have high potassium levels against a very low sodium count. This alone gives them undeniable diuretic qualities.


possess a wide variety of beneficial properties. Those who are used to taking onion soup in the evening will tell you how good their diuretic qualities are. At one time, it was even a habit to rub half an onion on their kidneys to stimulate and facilitate the elimination of liquids.

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Why are colon cleansers necessary?

Colon cleansers can provide you with relief from constipation and bloating and as issues in this area can cause you to gain pounds, they might even be able to assist with your weight management goals.

Why are colon cleansers necessary?